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Many people ask, "How do I use your products in my VT program?" You are only limited by your creativity! You can use our eye charts as standard vision charts for performing visual tracking, scanning, and near-far focus procedures. Plus, when adding Red/Clear or Red/Green glasses, you are able to monitor the patient's binocular vision system at the same time! Be sure to check out our courses where we discuss, The Tools of VT: Filters, Lenses and Prisms. We have developed a large variety of targets which are useful for visual-information processing, laterality, and directionality training. The ultimate goal is to meet your patient where they are!  Click on a hyperlink below below to be taken to the product you'd like to view!

Anti-Suppression Charts

If you have unstable binocular vision, or eye-teaming, our anti-suppression charts help to correct suppression. When suppression is present, the brain blocks visual input coming in from one eye, so our red-green charts provide the user feedback so they may counteract this and train themselves to keep both eyes working.

Great for training eye teaming skills, we offer several charts for different patient populations. Choose from a wide variety of shape- and letter-based charts for many different age groups. Be sure to pair our charts with red or green glasses for excellent cancellation results. Click here for VT Activity Suggestions for our alphanumeric/shape/BDPQ charts and here for our Arrow Charts!

Visual Learning Products

We've created a line of activity booklets including

• Word Searches
• Crossword Puzzles
• Suduko
• Dolch Word Activities

Stereo Vision Products

Create 3D awareness with training material to build up natural vision skills. Our book of fairy tales feature 3D text and photographs. We also make stereoscopic viewing cards for Brewster-type stereoscopes, but they also work great in free space! 

Consider adding these products to your VT Program today! 

You can turbocharge your results by working on many visual skills simultaneously!

Click here to download an orderform! Or find our products at Bernell or The Optometric Extension Program Foundation!