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Anti- Suppression Charts

Many people ask, "How do I use your products in my VT program?" You are only limited by your creativity! You can use our eye charts as standard vision charts for performing visual tracking, scanning, and near-far focus procedures. Plus, when adding Red/Clear or Red/Green glasses, you are able to monitor the patient's binocular vision system at the same time! Be sure to check out our iheartvt.org courses where we discuss, The Tools of VT: Filters, Lenses and Prisms. We have developed a large variety of targets which are useful for visual-information processing, laterality, and directionality training. The ultimate goal is to meet your patient where they are!

Monocular Fixation in a Binocular Field Charts - Single Color

MFBF Style charts - Single Color
Check out uppercase, lowercase, numbers, bdpq, shapes and arrows.

Download alphanumeric/shape/BDPQ activity suggestions.

Download Arrow Chart activity suggestions.

Binocular Vision Charts

Binocular Vision Training Charts
Check out uppercase, lowercase, arrows, numbers, shapes and bdpq charts!

Download alphanumeric/shape/BDPQ activity suggestions.

Download Arrow Chart activity suggestions.

Specialty Charts

Speciality Charts
These charts lend themselves to directionality, letter reversals or alphabet sequencing.

Basic Charts

Basic Charts
Check out bdpq, arrows, shapes, letters.

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