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Learn More About Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a specialized program that can help children and adults improve their visual skills and comfort. It is a non-invasive and effective way to address a wide range of vision problems, including lazy eyes, crossed eyes, and reading difficulties.

At Headline Vision Enterprises, we provide vision therapist training education and sell vision therapy products that optometrists or vision therapist can use to train specific visual skills. Our vision therapist education will help a vision therapist become familiar with the tools of vision therapy (patches, filters, lenses and prisms),  while our vision therapy products are designed to assist in improving visual skills such as improve eye-hand coordination, eye-tracking, teaming, and focusing, leading to a more productive and enjoyable life.

If you or your child are experiencing vision problems, we highly recommend that you schedule a comprehensive visual examination with an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy. 

More Information for Vision and Vision Therapy

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