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 Contact Tom Headline, COVT if you would like toschedule a vision therapy training session in your clinic for 2023!

Tom was honored to be present a Four-Part Series about using the Tools of Vision Therapy: Filters, Lenses and Prisms, in your VT Program.

Please visit iheartvt.org for more information.


Proven Vision Therapy Products

Thank you for visiting our site. Allow us to help you obtain the best vision possible. Headline Vision Enterprises, Inc. in San Jose, California, offers vision therapy products, and much more. Check out our recent collaboration with the g-Labs iPad Stereoscope! These activities are based on our Stereoscope Cards, so please be sure to explore these activities.

We have entered into a licensing agreement with Bernell for the production of the Baxstrom Simultaneous Perception Cards, and this product is now available from Bernell directly.

Proper Vision

Most people think of vision only in terms of 20/20. However, this only refers to how clearly we see things. True vision consists of many integrated skills. When we lack such skills, it prevents us from properly gathering, processing, and responding to visual information.

Vision Training and Therapy Products

Our anti-suppression charts, 3D storybooks, and other visual learning products improve visual skills through a multi-sensory approach. The goal of our products is to provide vision therapy that's so fun and engaging that users don't even realize that it's therapy.

Click here to download an order form! Or find our products at Bernell or The Optometric Extension Program Foundation!

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