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Stereoscope Cards

g-Labs Product Launch

Visit g-Labs to check out the new iPad Stereoscope App we collaborated with them to produce!


Baxstrom Simultaneous Perception Cards

Product update news: Baxstrom Simultaneous Perception Cards - I am so excited to announce that Bernell Corporation is now the official manufacturer of the Baxstrom Simultaneous Perception Cards. You can find these on their website by clicking here. Thank you to all of you who have supported this product in the past. They are now available again thanks to Bernell! Please check them out, today!

Baxstrom Simultaneous Perception Cards - Geometric Shapes, Headline R/G Products: Bernell Corporation
Updated Product: Redesigned cards, improved cancellation, and convenient storage box…

Optometry Flyer

Thomas C. Headline, COVT will be doing some presentations in Manila during June of 2017. Please click on the link to send an email to learn more!

Manila, Philippines - November 2016
First Asia & 6th ASEAN Optometric Congress.

IPAO Presentation - May 9, 2015

This compilation of photos is from Tom Headline, COVT's presentation to the 40th Annual Meeting for the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists from May 9, 2015

VT 101 in Manila - 2015

This compilation of photos is from Tom Headline, COVT's presentation of VT101 in Manila on May 12-13, 2015.