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What is Convergence Insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency occurs when individuals struggle to coordinate their eyes to converge properly while focusing on a near object. This can result in sensations of eye strain and fatigue which can make it challenging to perform visually demanding tasks. 

While its symptoms may vary, they often include eye fatigue, double vision, and difficulties with reading and concentration. Fortunately, vision therapy offers a promising solution. You may refer to the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial Study for more information. Optometrists and vision therapists perform specific procedures and techniques to  stimulate visual development and improve visual skills for those with convergence insufficiency.

The Role of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a specialized therapy that aims to improve visual skills and visual processing. It has emerged as an effective treatment for convergence insufficiency, promoting better eye coordination, focus, and other essential visual skills.

The Role of Optometrists and Vision Therapists

Optometrists and vision therapists are crucial in designing and overseeing vision therapy programs. These experts identify the deficiencies through comprehensive evaluations and create personalized treatment plans. They closely monitor progress, making necessary adjustments while ensuring the patient's engagement and commitment to the therapy.

Convergence insufficiency can be a significant hurdle for individuals seeking to achieve their full potential in academic, professional, and daily life. Vision therapy offers hope through specific exercises and techniques that target eye coordination, focus, and other visual skills.