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How to Improve and Maintain Healthy Binocular Vision

Binocular vision is the ability of the eyes to work together to create a single, clear three-dimensional image. This is essential for reading, driving, and playing sports. However, many people struggle with binocular vision problems, leading to headaches, eyestrain, and dizziness. For those who want to improve your binocular vision, here are some tips and exercises to help you do so.


Tip #1: Take Eye Breaks

One of the best things you can do to maintain healthy binocular vision is to take regular breaks from screens. This could be as simple as looking away from your computer every 20 minutes or taking a short walk outside. By giving your eyes a rest, you can prevent eyestrain and fatigue.

Tip #2: Maintain Good Posture

Your posture can also affect your binocular vision. If you slouch or lean too far forward, it can put extra strain on your eyes. Sitting up straight and keeping your head level can help your eyes work together more effectively.

Tip #3: Expand your awareness of your Periphery

Often, when a person performs a sustained near-focus task, their visual system may 'tunnel in' which can result in overfocusing. Overfocusing can cause a person to experience visual eyestrain and fatigue. To check yourself, you may want to periodically, focus your eyes to the center of whatever you are reading and determine if you can notice the edges of the table you are working in in your perphery as you keep your gaze on the text.

If you’re struggling with binocular vision problems, it may be helpful to seek out vision therapy. This is a type of therapy that focuses on improving the communication between the brain and the eyes. Vision therapy can involve exercises such as eye tracking, focusing, and depth perception activities. You would schedule a comprehensive visual examination with an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy. Please feel free to visit these websites to locate an optometrist in your area:


Improving and maintaining healthy binocular vision is important for everyday tasks. By taking regular breaks, maintaining good posture, and expanding your peripheral awareness, you can reduce the amount of visual stress your system experiences.